Time to Build: In the States Roundup

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By Kenneth Quinnell

Infrastructure Week

Time to Build: In the States Roundup

Infrastructure Week

It’s time once again to take a look at the ways working people are making progress in the states. Click on any of the links to follow the state federations and central labor councils on Twitter.

Alaska AFL-CIO:

Thanks to @RepAndyJ for his comments on the floor on this important bill. #akleg https://t.co/1VNFPBhZmX

— Alaska AFL-CIO (@AKAFLCIO) May 13, 2018

Arizona AFL-CIO:

The Arizona AFL-CIO has endorsed the Outlaw Dirty Money Initiative. Here’s how you can help:
• Get Outlaw Dirty Money petition packets from the Arizona AFL-CIO office, the Outlaw Dirty Money office, or your Local Union hall/office.
• Get… https://t.co/NYdUZilFYm

— Arizona AFL-CIO (@ArizonaAFLCIO) May 14, 2018

California Labor Federation:

NUHHCE nurses are taking action to help domestic violence survivors. Ask your Governor to do the same.

— California Labor Federation (@CaliforniaLabor) May 12, 2018

Colorado AFL-CIO:

The Colorado Civil Rights Division was established to protect Coloradans – not be used for political games. The current #CCRD reauthorization bill undermines the CCRD’s core mission #saveCCRD #coleg

— Colorado AFL-CIO (@AFLCIOCO) May 9, 2018

Connecticut AFL-CIO:

MUST READ: “But the truth is, even Mark Janus himself benefits from union representation. Here are a few of the ways”

From ‘I Work with Mark Janus. Here’s How He Benefits from a Strong Union.’ https://t.co/T4mJDfZeCr #1u #JanusvAFSCME

— Connecticut AFL-CIO (@ConnAFLCIO) May 14, 2018

Georgia State AFL-CIO:

We joined together with over a dozen labor leaders and elected officials today to show our support for #teamabrams. @iupatdc77 @ufcw1996 @AFGENational @IBEW613ATLANTA @Teamsters728 . Election day is May 22nd! pic.twitter.com/1KYJ9NjI8T

— AFL-CIO Georgia (@AFLCIOGeorgia) May 7, 2018

Illinois AFL-CIO:

#NoPrivatization #SaveTheVA

— Illinois AFL-CIO (@ILAFLCIO) May 9, 2018

Indiana State AFL-CIO:

Infrastructure Week starts today! A foundation of infrastructure = good jobs & a strong economy. It’s Time To Build. https://t.co/WvBzJzfcPE pic.twitter.com/srL7RsMUE9

— Indiana AFL-CIO (@INAFLCIO) May 15, 2018

Iowa Federation of Labor:

Working Families Celebration and Solidarity March https://t.co/PHyFBibCi4 pic.twitter.com/aepKQKQnPx

— Iowa AFL-CIO (@IowaAFLCIO) May 14, 2018

Kansas State AFL-CIO:

“Still a lot of working age people sitting on the sidelines”. https://t.co/y550r1VeqG

— Kansas AFL-CIO (@KansasAFLCIO) May 11, 2018

Kentucky State AFL-CIO:

A decade of cuts has stretched public education and services to the limit, but the newly approved budget cuts continues the divestment in what we know will create thriving communities.

Find out more: https://t.co/ZRw36gc9r5…. https://t.co/cvfe8rS62E

— Kentucky AFL-CIO (@aflcioky) May 15, 2018

Maine AFL-CIO:

We are proud to endorse Jared Golden for US Congress @CynthiaPhinney @golden4congress #mepolitics pic.twitter.com/BCJ0gclCzW

— Maine AFL-CIO (@MEAFLCIO) May 9, 2018

Metro Washington (D.C.) Council AFL-CIO:

#Laborfest longtime sponsor AIL sponsor’s George Farenthold represents at tonight’s screening @AFISilver pic.twitter.com/Y0rashXBZI

— MetroDCLaborCouncil (@DCLabor) May 14, 2018

Michigan State AFL-CIO:

The non-unionized plant’s safety record is coming under scrutiny after two people were injured and more than 100 employees were evacuated when a fire and multiple explosions rocked the small mid-Michigan community on May 2. https://t.co/Os2SdJ3EIw

— Michigan AFL-CIO (@MIAFLCIO) May 11, 2018

Minnesota AFL-CIO:

VIDEO: @AFSCMEMN5 Contract Campaign Kickoff Rally https://t.co/PvNcZQhsPF (via @workdaymn #1u @AFSCME pic.twitter.com/XwtTNY3jOZ

— Minnesota AFL-CIO (@MNAFLCIO) May 12, 2018

Missouri AFL-CIO:

To meet our current and future infrastructure needs, we need to increase investment by $2 trillion by 2025. #TimeToBuild #InfrastructureWeek pic.twitter.com/a6vxay56Kz

— Missouri AFL-CIO (@MOAFLCIO) May 14, 2018

Nevada State AFL-CIO:

Join the NV State AFL-CIO + Teamsters for a SuperWalk for one of our own! Come out Sat, May 19 to support Assembly Dist 12 candidate & fellow union member Susie Martinez. Susie’s been on the picket lines with us, now it’s time for us to stand with her. https://t.co/KljPAtCn2M pic.twitter.com/FJK8g3CXLs

— Nevada State AFL-CIO (@NVAFLCIO) May 14, 2018

New Hampshire AFL-CIO:

Tell Your Representatives to Vote Against SB 193, and to Protect Public School Students and NH Tax Payers! https://t.co/JN2Ij1ZxZp

— NewHampshire AFL-CIO (@NHAFLCIO) May 8, 2018

New Jersey State AFL-CIO:

Proud to stand with @GovMurphy who signed an EO combating worker misclassification in order to promote a level playing field for workers across the state. https://t.co/Y185jWwn4l pic.twitter.com/8PQfmLkQvA

— New Jersey AFL-CIO (@NJAFLCIO) May 3, 2018

New Mexico Federation of Labor:

#CheckTheLabel https://t.co/YZo2oNVqHA @BCTGMLocal351 @AFLCIO

— NMFL (@LaborFed4NM) May 14, 2018

New York State AFL-CIO:

Fix Our Broken Public Works Law https://t.co/Xqa8oTKmF4


North Carolina State AFL-CIO:

Together, we’re building a labor movement in North Carolina with the power to change our state. Join us! Text NC to 235246. Learn more at https://t.co/MDYNmjn1Ba. #1u #ncpol #organizethesouth pic.twitter.com/4YXIEuWndi

— NC State AFL-CIO (@NCStateAFLCIO) March 9, 2018


Last night in Lordstown we kicked off the #TakeBackOhio campaign with many of our members and @BettySutton @KathleenClyde @ZackSpaceOhio @JoeSchiavoni https://t.co/DOQwWiwbVF #labor2018

— Ohio AFL-CIO (@ohioaflcio) May 15, 2018

Oregon AFL-CIO:

Oregon’s labor movement is marching in the 2018 Portland #Pride Parade! https://t.co/dnYJ7RO635

— Oregon AFL-CIO (@OregonAFLCIO) May 11, 2018

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO:

Automation CANNOT replace the everyday heros and heroines around us. @transportworker @ATUComm @TTDAFLCIO https://t.co/onxH8Cqj3N

— PA AFL-CIO (@PaAFL_CIO) May 8, 2018

Rhode Island AFL-CIO:

#FixOurSchoolsRI #Schools #FixOurSchools #1U #SchoolSafety https://t.co/dL2VCNkOc7

— Rhode Island AFL-CIO (@riaflcio) May 14, 2018

South Carolina AFL-CIO:

Are your members all registered, have they moved, do they kids turning 18 by November. Make sure they are registered, can do it online at https://t.co/h5QggnAqt2. https://t.co/J5nTpa3R32

— SC AFL-CIO (@SCAFLCIO) May 7, 2018

Texas AFL-CIO:

It is exactly these types of baseless assaults on teachers’ character that remind us just how critical a union voice is in protecting our educators. @TexasAFT @aft https://t.co/y38De3A0ZN

— Texas AFL-CIO (@TexasAFLCIO) May 15, 2018

Virginia AFL-CIO:

Virginia budget inches along as passions over Medicaid inspired ‘die-in’ https://t.co/sdwSuSk73Q

— Virginia AFL-CIO (@Virginia_AFLCIO) May 15, 2018

Washington State Labor Council:

#UWstrike https://t.co/ef7P5djYMe

— WA State AFL-CIO (@WAAFLCIO) May 15, 2018

West Virginia AFL-CIO:

“Long backed by union support, Hamilton was one of a handful of Republicans in the Legislature to oppose right-to-work legislation, as well as the repeal of prevailing wage laws” #wvpol #UnionStrong https://t.co/2zxp9YLmno

— West Virginia AFLCIO (@WestVirginiaAFL) May 10, 2018

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO:

Dust Off your Fishing Poles, Time for “Take Kids Fishing” Day! https://t.co/hORrjozHAW #WIunion pic.twitter.com/eTz1wkXnZb

— WI AFL-CIO (@wisaflcio) May 14, 2018

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