Say No to Subpar VA Service: In the States Roundup

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By Kenneth Quinnell Say No to Subpar VA Service: In the States Roundup

It’s time once again to take a look at the ways working people are making progress in the states. Click on any of the links to follow the state federations on Twitter.

Arizona AFL-CIO:

Who is speaking out abut high CEO pay? The Arizona AFL-CIO’s Fred Yamashita.

— Arizona AFL-CIO (@ArizonaAFLCIO) May 26, 2018

Arkansas AFL-CIO:

Hey! Hey! Here we go!!! #1u #arlabor #raisethewages #livingwage @aryoungworkers @ARlaborradio @arlaborwomen @DavidCouchAR

— Arkansas AFL-CIO (@ArkansasAFLCIO) April 17, 2018

California Labor Federation:

Standing together to end forced arbitration! #CALeg YES on #AB3080!! ✊👏 This bill will help end sexual harassment and other exploitation on the job. It’s time to #ShatterTheSilence! @rocunited

— California Labor Federation (@CaliforniaLabor) May 29, 2018

Colorado AFL-CIO:

Feminist liberation occurs at the intersection of reproductive access, racial justice, LGBTQ freedom, and economic dignity. We hope that @PPRM will make the just choice to drop the appeal and allow their workers to collectively bargain.

— Colorado AFL-CIO (@AFLCIOCO) May 24, 2018

Connecticut AFL-CIO:

.@APWUnational President Mark Dimondstein dispels the myth about the Postal Service’s financial challenges by exposing the absurd pre-funding requirement of future retiree health care costs, including for some workers not even born yet!

— Connecticut AFL-CIO (@ConnAFLCIO) May 15, 2018

Georgia AFL-CIO:

We are so proud to be a part of #TeamAbrams

— AFL-CIO Georgia (@AFLCIOGeorgia) May 23, 2018

Idaho AFL-CIO:

It was fantastic to see the sisters of @MachinistsUnion in airport on @iamfleetvoice organizing campaign. Check out

— Idaho State AFL-CIO (@IdahoAFLCIO) May 22, 2018

Illinois AFL-CIO:

Thanks to @AFGENational for raising this issue! VA hospitals consistently outperform private hospitals. So why do lawmakers want to demolish it?

Help us save your VA. Call your lawmakers today and tell them to vote NO on the VA Mission Act: 833-480-1637.

— Illinois AFL-CIO (@ILAFLCIO) May 21, 2018

Indiana State AFL-CIO:

Trump’s War on Labor Now Includes Teens; By shrinking the regulatory state, the administration is putting young, vulnerable workers at risk.

— Indiana AFL-CIO (@INAFLCIO) May 30, 2018

Iowa Federation of Labor:

2018 Midwest School for Women Workers

— Iowa AFL-CIO (@IowaAFLCIO) May 29, 2018

Kansas State AFL-CIO:

Impacting jobs close to home.

— Kansas AFL-CIO (@KansasAFLCIO) May 24, 2018

Kentucky State AFL-CIO:

“Trump’s Twitter Blocking Ruled Unconstitutional. What About Bevin’s?”

— Kentucky AFL-CIO (@aflcioky) May 25, 2018

Maine AFL-CIO:

Lobstermen like Julie can’t afford health insurance. She’s voting for Jared @golden4congress because he supports #MedicareForAll and will fight for working people like her @MachinistsUnion #mepolitics

— Maine AFL-CIO (@MEAFLCIO) May 29, 2018

Massachusetts AFL-CIO:

Proud to host our endorsed union candidates fighting together for working families. @PaulFeeneyMA Darrin Howell, Pete Capano, Mike Armano, @Merolli4MA @JimHawkins4Rep @Drinkwater4Sen @TeamTram @johnmahoneyply #1u

— Massachusetts AFLCIO (@massaflcio) May 25, 2018

Metro Washington (D.C.) Council AFL-CIO:

Saturday’s first-ever Laborpalooza MusicFest show and photos just posted!

— MetroDCLaborCouncil (@DCLabor) May 29, 2018

Michigan AFL-CIO:

Today the @MiCivilRights voted to affirm those protections for #LGBT workers. Nobody should be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This is a positive step for equality in the workplace!🏳️‍🌈

— Michigan AFL-CIO (@MIAFLCIO) May 21, 2018

Minnesota AFL-CIO:

In the Long Run, Vetoed Tax Bill Would Have Ladled Out More Corporate Tax Breaks #mnleg via @NorthStarPolicy

— Minnesota AFL-CIO (@MNAFLCIO) May 27, 2018

Missouri AFL-CIO:

Backers of “right-to-work” legislation promise that it will make Missouri more competitive on the jobs front, perhaps even luring big new factories.

Don’t hold your breath. #VoteNoOnPropA on August 7th!

— Missouri AFL-CIO (@MOAFLCIO) May 25, 2018

Montana AFL-CIO:

A Dark Corporate Web – #mtpol

— Montana AFL-CIO (@MTaflcio) May 21, 2018

Nevada State AFL-CIO:

America’s workers mean business! Men + women around the U.S. are joining unions in record numbers to protect themselves, their careers, their families, their futures. Join us in our mission to keep America’s union workers working, healthy, and thriving.

— Nevada State AFL-CIO (@NVAFLCIO) May 29, 2018

New Mexico Federation of Labor:

#MotivationMonday #1u #UnionStrong .@AFLCIO

— NMFL (@LaborFed4NM) May 21, 2018

New York State AFL-CIO:

Profitable corporations like @AmericanAir should pay family-supporting wages so that their #AATeam employees don’t have to rely on public assistance to make ends meet. #faircontractatamericanair


North Carolina State AFL-CIO:

ADVISORY: #Charlotte Community to Demand Accountability for Worksite Death of Juventino Hernandez, 9:30a tomorrow #CLT #1u @704_SPCLC @JwJnational @theobserver @cbjnewsroom @lanoticia @wbtv_news @wsoctv @fox46news @cltgov

— NC State AFL-CIO (@NCStateAFLCIO) May 29, 2018

North Dakota AFL-CIO:

Congrats to the 2018 Labor-endorsed candidates in North Dakota! #ndpol #1u #labor2018

— North Dakota AFL-CIO (@NDAFLCIO) May 21, 2018


Since we didn’t get response from @GOP on @harleydavidson cutting US jobs after #TaxScam, we’ll give @RepSteveChabot @senrobportman @RepBobGibbs or any @ohiogop chance to explain this article? It’s why we need worker voices of @AftabPureval @Team_Harbaugh

— Ohio AFL-CIO (@ohioaflcio) May 28, 2018

Oklahoma AFL-CIO:

All gave some, some gave all. Today we remember.

— Oklahoma AFL-CIO (@OK_AFL_CIO) May 28, 2018

Oregon AFL-CIO:

Our latest podcast episode is out! We sat down with Transportation Fairness Portland and Burgerville Workers Union to talk about the latest from these two exciting campaigns. Now available on iTunes & Stitcher.

— Oregon AFL-CIO (@OregonAFLCIO) May 29, 2018

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO:

#ForcedArbitration allows the cover up of workplace abuses, strips workers of their rights, and gives coporations and employers an unfair advantage. And the #SCOTUS just ok’d that this week!

— PA AFL-CIO (@PaAFL_CIO) May 25, 2018

Rhode Island AFL-CIO:

Join R.I. Building Trades at McCoy Stadium on Wednesday, June 20. They have been supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State for over a decade. Find out how you can become a mentor to a boy or girl. Watch video for details. #1U

— Rhode Island AFL-CIO (@riaflcio) May 23, 2018

Texas AFL-CIO:

The #TxAFLCIO congratulates Carl Sherman on winning nomination in HD 109 by championing a #FairShot for working families. We look forward to victory in November and a better TX. #COPE #1u

— Texas AFL-CIO (@TexasAFLCIO) May 23, 2018

Virginia AFL-CIO:

Should political campaigns be unionized? This one is trying. via @vicenews

— Virginia AFL-CIO (@Virginia_AFLCIO) May 27, 2018

Washington State Labor Council:

Check out our list of endorsements…

— WA State AFL-CIO (@WAAFLCIO) May 21, 2018

West Virginia AFL-CIO:

For more information regarding Local 818’s #UnfairLaborPracticeStrike at Tecnocap follow us @DistrictLodge54

— IAMAW (@DistrictLodge54) May 18, 2018

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO:

#WIunion proud to support Mahlon Mitchell for Governor. Ready to restore worker rights and raise wages. #1u

— WI AFL-CIO (@wisaflcio) May 26, 2018

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