Missourians Get Nearly Triple the Needed Signatures for November Right to Work Repeal Referendum

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By Kenneth Quinnell

St. Louis RTW Rally

Missourians Get Nearly Triple the Needed Signatures for November Right to Work Repeal Referendum

Greater St Louis Central Labor Council AFL-CIO

Extremists and outside interests representing big corporations rammed through a Right to Work bill, against the will of the people of the state. The bill signed into law by Gov. Eric Greitens in February. Today, Missourians spoke up loudly and, pending the certification process, a ballot referendum on Right to Work will appear on the November 2018 ballot.

In order to get on the ballot, supporters must gather approximately 107,510 signatures in 6 of 8 congressional districts. Hundreds of Missourians showed up to cheer along campaign representatives, who delivered 163 boxes filled with 57,277 pages, containing 310,567 signatures, nearly three times the required amount. All of the state’s 115 counties were represented, and the numbers were sufficient to qualify in all eight congressional districts.

Here is what Missouri’s working people said about right to work and the referendum:

“Right to Work is wrong. It’s wrong for Missouri workers. It’s wrong for Missouri families. It’s time for Governor Greitens and extreme politicians to stop doing the bidding of their dark money donors and begin fighting for Missouri families,” said Lori Giannini, a 12-year grocery clerk at Schnuck’s from St. Charles County.

“This referendum will guarantee that Missouri employers and their employees can work together in the best interests of their businesses without government interference,” said Dennis Palmer, a small business owner from Columbia.

“Extreme politicians and dark money interests may not like it but the facts are the facts. Workers in Right to Work states make $681 dollars less per month than workers in non-Right to Work states and the chances of being killed on the job is 49% higher in Right to Work states,” said Quiema Spencer, a master pipefitter from Kansas City.

“We’ve come together and put in countless hours gathering signatures from voters at festivals, community events, door-to-door canvasses, parades—you name it,” said Bobby Dicken, an electrician from Butler County. “These folks who’ve signed the petition want their voices to be heard—they want voters—not politicians—to make the final decision on whether so-called Right to Work becomes law in Missouri.

Other supporters posted on Twitter:

It’s official! 310,567 delivered to the Secretary of State to let the people vote. Together we win! #RepealRTW pic.twitter.com/89DksTHdXw

— Missouri AFL-CIO (@MOAFLCIO) August 18, 2017

Together we win! #RepealRTW! pic.twitter.com/MM3GCgKWlF

— Local42stl (@LIUNA42) August 18, 2017

Missouri is making history. This is a game-changing rebuke of a rigged economy. #RepealRTW #1u pic.twitter.com/JKxLbaFS6X

— Robert Martinez, Jr. (@IAMBobMartinez) August 18, 2017

Working people gathering from all over Missouri to deliver a strong message: right to work is wrong! #MOleg @MOAFLCIO pic.twitter.com/VVCisFL94H

— AFL-CIO (@AFLCIO) August 18, 2017

Even the little ones know that RTW is WRONG for Missouri. pic.twitter.com/jmBYVSr1pS

— STL-KC Carpenters (@STLKCCRC) August 18, 2017

Kenneth Quinnell
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Source: AFL-CIO

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