Holiday Spotlight—Spend a Union Holiday in the City of Angels

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By (Jackie Tortora)

Despite a November election that has left the country bitterly divided, the 2016 holiday season is no occasion for bitterness. As we near the end of another successful year in the ongoing fight for better wages, hours and benefits, our dedicated union members in Los Angeles have reason for celebration. Highlights from 2016 include: More than 50,000 grocery store members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) reached a great new contract with their stores; the creation of the Los Angeles Reentry Workforce Collaborative; the passage of the affordable housing and local jobs ballot measure, Prop. JJJ; and citywide participation in the Day of Disruption, in support of union rights and a higher minimum wage for workers across a spectrum of industries. Whatever the season, we can count on LA’s unions to stay hawkish for positive change throughout the city and nationally.

Source: AFL-CIO

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