Firsthand Account: Union Members Evacuate Metro Riders Seamlessly

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By (Monika Greenhow)

On Tuesday night, I left the AFL-CIO offices in downtown Washington, D.C., hopped a bus to Columbia Heights and planned to transfer to another bus and make my way home. The wait was 15 minutes, though, and I knew that to take the Metro at Columbia Heights station one stop to the Georgia Avenue-Petworth station, the one closest to my house, and the walk afterward would take a little less time. So I jumped on the train, which was waiting for me in the station, and got ready for a train ride that normally takes less than five minutes. Two hours later, when I walked out of the Georgia Avenue station, amid the emergency vehicles, most I’ve ever seen in my life, needless to say, I wasn’t having the best night of my life.

Source: AFL-CIO

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