Fighting the GOP Tax Scam: In the States Roundup

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By Kenneth Quinnell Fighting the GOP Tax Scam: In the States Roundup

It’s time once again to take a look at the battles for the freedoms of working families in the states. Here is what the unions in the states are talking about this week. Click on any of the links to follow the state federations and labor councils on Twitter.

Alaska AFL-CIO:

#GOPTaxPlan #GOPTaxScam

— Alaska AFL-CIO (@AKAFLCIO) November 28, 2017

Arizona AFL-CIO:

It’s time to make those calls to Senators McCain and Flake again. This time the message is simple: Tell them:…

— Arizona AFL-CIO (@ArizonaAFLCIO) November 26, 2017

Arkansas AFL-CIO:

Arkansas lost a good man.

— Arkansas AFL-CIO (@ArkansasAFLCIO) November 17, 2017

California Labor Federation:

On #GivingTuesday please remember the thousands affected by the fires that ravaged California this fall. Folks can donate to working families who lost everything here 👉 @AFLCIO #1u @NorthBayCLC

— California Labor (@CaliforniaLabor) November 28, 2017

Connecticut AFL-CIO:

.@UnionLori: “He came in as mayor and 30 days later, he wanted to get rid of collective bargaining in Hartford. What’s he’s doing in Hartford, we don’t need him to bring the state Capitol.”

— Connecticut AFL-CIO (@ConnAFLCIO) November 20, 2017

Florida AFL-CIO:

“So why would legislators propose such an obviously flawed program? Because this isn’t really about bullying. It’s about trying to expand the state’s billion-dollar voucher program — which is already under fire.”

— Florida AFL-CIO (@FLAFLCIO) November 25, 2017

Indiana State AFL-CIO:

Think critically,
Listen thoughtfully,
Act with integrity,
Stand in solidarity &
Give thanks, often.

We are #thankful for our Unions! #unionproud #1

— Indiana AFL-CIO (@INAFLCIO) November 17, 2017

Iowa Federation of Labor:

The latest Iowa Daily Labor News! Thanks to @UAW #goptaxscam #getcovered

— Iowa AFL-CIO (@IowaAFLCIO) November 28, 2017

Kansas State AFL-CIO:

KS Senators Jerry Moran & Pat Roberts need to hear from you or we’ll be paying for tax cuts for the rich in the…

— Kansas AFL-CIO (@KansasAFLCIO) November 21, 2017

Kentucky State AFL-CIO:


— Kentucky AFL-CIO (@aflcioky) November 21, 2017

Maine AFL-CIO:

“Forcing some vulnerable workers into the shadows only makes it harder for all working people to fight for prosperity and a safe work environment.”- President Cynthia Phinney and @MaineChamber President Dana Connors #mepolitics #Dreamers

— Maine AFL-CIO (@MEAFLCIO) November 27, 2017

Michigan AFL-CIO:

RELEASE: “Brian Calley has been Rick Snyder’s right-hand man for the past seven years, working side-by-side to rig the rules of Michigan’s economy to favor the wealthy and big corporations at the expense of regular working families.” –@RonBieberMI

— Michigan AFL-CIO (@MIAFLCIO) November 28, 2017

Minnesota AFL-CIO:

Workers raise concerns about #WageTheft by @amazon subcontractors via @workdaymn #1u

— Minnesota AFL-CIO (@MNAFLCIO) November 27, 2017

Missouri AFL-CIO:

“For many American women, their biggest tool in fighting sexual harassment will be the solidarity of their fellow workers.”

— Missouri AFL-CIO (@MOAFLCIO) November 28, 2017

Montana AFL-CIO:

“Montana AFL-CIO responds to news Sen. Daines may oppose tax bill” #mtpol #mtsen

— Montana AFL-CIO (@MTaflcio) November 28, 2017

Nevada State AFL-CIO:

Exec Sec Treasurer McAllister thanks #Vegas workers for helping city through shooting tragedy via @reviewjournal

— Nevada State AFL-CIO (@NVAFLCIO) October 22, 2017

New Hampshire AFL-CIO:

At #Walmart educating working families about why they need to BOYCOTT @NABISCO & buy #americanmade cookies @BCTGM_Nabisco @AFLCIO #SOLIDARITY #NHPolitics

— NewHampshire AFL-CIO (@NHAFLCIO) November 16, 2017

New Jersey State AFL-CIO:

Proud of our Congressman and union brother @DonaldNorcross IBEW 351 for continuing to bring our union values to the halls of Congress.

— New Jersey AFL-CIO (@NJAFLCIO) November 16, 2017

New York State AFL-CIO:

CBO report: Senate #TaxScam would increase deficit by $1.4T over 10 years Call your Representatives, text SCAM to 877877 today to be connected.

— NYSAFLCIO (@NYSAFLCIO) November 27, 2017

North Carolina State AFL-CIO:

“The state law prevents farmworkers from negotiating union contracts through lawsuit settlements and having…

— NC State AFL-CIO (@NCStateAFLCIO) November 27, 2017

North Dakota AFL-CIO:

2 minutes to write a letter to @SenJohnHoeven and @SenatorHeitkamp : Tax Giveaway to the Wealthy: In Progress.
Write one here:

— North Dakota AFL-CIO (@NDAFLCIO) November 20, 2017


Sen. Rob Portman is wrong on GOP tax bill – it will hurt Ohioans: editorial @AFLCIO @senrobportman

— Ohio AFL-CIO (@ohioaflcio) November 28, 2017

Oklahoma AFL-CIO:

Check out your @UnionPlus member-only discounts on everything from fashion and beauty to electronics to more!

— Oklahoma AFL-CIO (@OK_AFL_CIO) November 28, 2017

Oregon AFL-CIO:

Voting #YesOn101 this January protects our most vulnerable Oregonians. Read more from @DisabilityRtsOR: #orpol #orleg

— Oregon AFL-CIO (@OregonAFLCIO) November 25, 2017

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO:

Today is #GivingTuesday! Help the Labor Movement provide clean water to Puerto Rican families by donating to #OperationAgua. @AFTUnion @AFSCME @SeafarersUnion

— PA AFL-CIO (@PaAFL_CIO) November 28, 2017

Rhode Island AFL-CIO:

Senate Pres. Dominick Ruggerio, the Prov. Firefighters, and school teachers at Veazie Elementary School are teaming up to provide brand new, warm winter coats to students at Veazie Elementary School in Prov.

— Rhode Island AFL-CIO (@riaflcio) November 17, 2017

Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council:

Just how would the “tax scam” affect working Tennesseans?

— Tennessee AFL-CIO (@tnaflcio) November 27, 2017

Texas AFL-CIO:

Sign the Petition! Tell the President to stand up for American jobs and the safest aviation system in the world. @afa_cwa #ContractNow #1u

— Texas AFL-CIO (@TexasAFLCIO) November 20, 2017

Washington State Labor Council:

Read WSLC Sec-Treas Lynne Dodson’s latest column: #MeToo power shift must be sustained by organized labor”

— WA State AFL-CIO (@WAAFLCIO) November 14, 2017

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO:

This Is Just How Badly Scott Walker Has Decimated Public Schools in Wisconsin,

— WI AFL-CIO (@wisaflcio) November 20, 2017

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