Election 2016: The Year of Women Voters

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By webadmin@aflcio.org (Monika Greenhow)

Women have the power to be the difference in this election cycle. A deeper look into races on the federal and state levels show women as a pivotal vote in 2016. For the past several election cycles, we’ve heard a lot about soccer moms and unmarried women helping determine the election cycle. Soccer moms represent the swing vote, while unmarried women turn out disproportionately for Democrats—that is, when they vote. This election cycle, Republican college-educated women are running away from Donald Trump, and we are hearing lots of discussion about the voting expectations for non-college white men and women, the working people of America.

Liz Shuler, the secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, and Randi Weingarten, AFT president, launched “Women in the Breakroom” on a national tele-town hall last month. This program will educate union women about the candidates who will help working people build a better life.

Source: AFL-CIO

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