A Change Is Coming: In the States Roundup

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By Kenneth Quinnell

MaryBe McMillan's Poem

A Change Is Coming: In the States Roundup

North Carolina AFL-CIO

It’s time once again to take a look at the ways working people are making progress in the states. Click on any of the links to follow the state federations and central labor councils on Twitter.

Arizona AFL-CIO:

Looking forward to seeing you all at the AZ AFL-CIO Day of Action on Monday March 12th! Come and join us for… https://t.co/sTiNgYfQnU

— Arizona AFL-CIO (@ArizonaAFLCIO) March 6, 2018

Arkansas AFL-CIO:

The plaintiffs argue Act 10 violates free speech and free association under the First Amendment. #1u #organize #southhasmovednorth #iuoe

— Arkansas AFL-CIO (@ArkansasAFLCIO) March 6, 2018

California Labor Federation:

Today is the beginning of #WomensHistoryMonth. We wouldn’t have a movement if it were not for women of yesterday, women of today, and women of tomorrow. Our struggle for equality marches on and we celebrate and honor women who fought for what we have today✊👏 #WHM #1uWomen #1u pic.twitter.com/wWOfqIANPm

— California Labor Federation (@CaliforniaLabor) March 1, 2018

Colorado AFL-CIO:

Here in Colorado state – workers are guaranteed due process, and the ability to have a voice in their safety and wages. SB175 takes away our voice – Bill Gropp #coleg #StandWithWorkers pic.twitter.com/IvvNRJRfUy

— Colorado AFL-CIO (@AFLCIOCO) February 28, 2018

Connecticut AFL-CIO:

.@UnionLori: “We suspected the fix was in a month ago and now we have the proof.” #FiscalStability #CTPolitics https://t.co/nxiphc8dYv pic.twitter.com/QdMnAUmvEe

— Connecticut AFL-CIO (@ConnAFLCIO) March 1, 2018

Florida AFL-CIO:

🚨LEG UPDATE: Florida Legislature Passes HB 7055.

Read our statements and updates on our website here: https://t.co/LCpVKj2RXj

— Florida AFL-CIO (@FLAFLCIO) March 5, 2018

Idaho State AFL-CIO:

It was easy to miss with all the crazy news this week, but the NLRB had to vacate a major anti-worker decision b/c its new appointee violated conflict-of-interest rules. This is huge for protecting the rights of workers at franchises. https://t.co/k3iTTPPFLr

— Idaho State AFL-CIO (@IdahoAFLCIO) March 2, 2018

Indiana State AFL-CIO:

It doesn’t have to be this way. Hotel workers everywhere should have the freedom to join together in unions and be treated with dignity and respect. https://t.co/ucM8mhJmSN

— Indiana AFL-CIO (@INAFLCIO) March 6, 2018

Iowa Federation of Labor:

A poisoned process https://t.co/LOWR4es4KQ

— Iowa AFL-CIO (@IowaAFLCIO) March 6, 2018

Kansas State AFL-CIO:

Unions often face repercussions when the politics seep into what are clearly prohibited practices by public… https://t.co/khflpxsuVR

— Kansas AFL-CIO (@KansasAFLCIO) February 26, 2018

Kentucky State AFL-CIO:

Is there any wonder why there’s such resistance by some in the #kyga18 to #FindRevenueFirst?

From https://t.co/VdTdHlhy5u:… https://t.co/83380neUxQ

— Kentucky AFL-CIO (@aflcioky) March 5, 2018

Massachusetts AFL-CIO:

We’re excited to share our photos of Working Peoples’ Day of Action with you all! Visit our website for our favorite pictures from every action across MA and connect with us on Facebook for the full albums! https://t.co/ZAuSmC42V7

— Massachusetts AFLCIO (@massaflcio) March 5, 2018

Metro Washington (D.C.) Council AFL-CIO:

“I have to decide whether to send my eight-year-old son to daycare, pay a bill or eat.” https://t.co/Kczm3xDKMe

— MetroDCLaborCouncil (@DCLabor) March 1, 2018

Michigan AFL-CIO:

After almost eight years with Rick Snyder at the helm in Lansing: “Michigan ranked last with just 44 percent of all third graders being proficient in reading in the 2016-2017 school year — down from 50 percent proficient in 2014-2015.” https://t.co/1JBDdjHGwN

— Michigan AFL-CIO (@MIAFLCIO) March 6, 2018

Minnesota AFL-CIO:

Dayton pushes lawmakers again to open MinnesotaCare to all https://t.co/Q2woruJyvS #mnleg pic.twitter.com/llJxfsUena

— Minnesota AFL-CIO (@MNAFLCIO) March 4, 2018

Missouri AFL-CIO:

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, the Missouri AFL-CIO is hosting a Women’s Lobby Day at the State Capital. https://t.co/rECahmsc2E pic.twitter.com/E9vKCIoAnv

— Missouri AFL-CIO (@MOAFLCIO) March 3, 2018

New Jersey State AFL-CIO:

Proud to host the 15th Annual WILD Conference that brought together more than 300 union sisters from all sectors of organized labor, demonstrating the strength of sisterhood and labor unity. https://t.co/Rw8YChz3cz

— New Jersey AFL-CIO (@NJAFLCIO) March 5, 2018

New York State AFL-CIO:

Working people’s true friend @NYSComptroller Tom Dinapoli updating labor’s legislative team on the budget. #UnionStrong pic.twitter.com/AOmxruWcnJ

— NYSAFLCIO (@NYSAFLCIO) March 5, 2018

North Carolina AFL-CIO:

Listen to Presisdent @marybemcmillan‘s poem spoken at the #RallyonRaleigh, #WomensMarch2018: https://t.co/NG8RtYVQHW #WomenLead #metoo #timesup #1u pic.twitter.com/cwd7NYRBu3

— NC State AFL-CIO (@NCStateAFLCIO) January 23, 2018


Please consider helping the family of fellow @AFLCIO @AFSCME union brother SOCF CO Matt Mathias. https://t.co/SCr4NZxVQT

— Ohio AFL-CIO (@ohioaflcio) March 1, 2018

Oklahoma State AFL-CIO:

Another great opportunity to give back to our State! If you can make it, please plan to join us! pic.twitter.com/8so33Esm4K

— Oklahoma AFL-CIO (@OK_AFL_CIO) March 3, 2018

Oregon AFL-CIO:

Why are #unions under attack? Because a rising tide lifts all boats. Our strength builds economic power for working people. . #1u #WeRise #ORpol https://t.co/PI2ANG4c0A

— Oregon AFL-CIO (@OregonAFLCIO) March 3, 2018

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO:

Income Inequality exists at every level. Women and People of Color are being left out as the wealthiest grow richer. https://t.co/9ZHnxTzuqD

— PA AFL-CIO (@PaAFL_CIO) March 5, 2018

Rhode Island AFL-CIO:

March is Women’s History Month. The American Labor Studies Center’s website includes excellent resources for you to read and pass along to members. https://t.co/3M437jLMop #WomensHistory #LaborMovement #Unions #UnionStrong

— Rhode Island AFL-CIO (@riaflcio) March 5, 2018

South Carolina AFL-CIO:

Please sign https://t.co/f3mjSfvrEh

— SC AFL-CIO (@SCAFLCIO) February 28, 2018

Texas AFL-CIO:

Today we recognize Linda Morales @laboruniongal – OPEIU #129 for over 20 years of union work at the @AFLCIO, @smartunionworks, @SEIU, @NationalNurses, and @TXGCALF. Thank You! #WomensHistoryMonth #1u pic.twitter.com/Ac3D0S3c3E

— Texas AFL-CIO (@TexasAFLCIO) March 2, 2018

Washington State Labor Council:

ICYMI: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and AG Bob Ferguson co-wrote an op-ed about why the Supreme Court should preserve union “fair share” in the Janus case. https://t.co/XqSq3Fybdd #itsaboutfreedom @AFLCIO pic.twitter.com/5WJxLlIhtR

— WA State AFL-CIO (@WAAFLCIO) March 5, 2018

West Virginia AFL-CIO:

Congratulations to WV educators & state employees!! They joined together, stood strong, made their collective voice heard. This is what happens when #WV working families join in solidarity. Thx to all in the labor movement for your support! #wvpol #55United #55Strong

— West Virginia AFLCIO (@WestVirginiaAFL) March 6, 2018

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO:

West Virginia Teachers Give a Lesson in Union Power, https://t.co/DDvCzHmHcv

— WI AFL-CIO (@wisaflcio) March 6, 2018

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